Hello, I am nowe.design, better known as Noé Meunier!

As a passionate designer, 🧑‍🎨 I work as a freelancer alongside my studies to develop my knowledge and skills. 💪  I am also a keen athlete, 🥇 convinced that physical fitness is essential for optimal well-being. And why don't we discuss all this over a beer's pint? 🍻


Creative Director Assistant | Internship
As an assistant art direction intern at Bell&Ross, I work closely with the Art Director and founder to maintain the brand’s codes and positioning in its visual creations. This opportunity gives me valuable insight into how a prestigious brand like Bell&Ross develops its unique visual identity. As a brand designer intern, my missions include adapting watch identities to digital media, designing window displays and communication materials, managing the Instagram grid, and assisting with photo shoots.


Sales Manager | Junior Entreprise
Synerg’hetic, my school’s Junior-Enterprise, specializing in digital professions, provides 360° expertise for your digital and entrepreneurial projects. With 18 years’ experience, it is recognized as a major player in the digital sector, ranked among the 30 best JEs in France for 12 years. As Sales Manager, I’m in charge of qualifying requests, evaluating and diversifying projects, drafting contracts and study scopes tailored to customer needs, and building loyalty among our existing clientele.


Creative Director & Brand Designer
As a Freelance Art Director, I engage in a variety of assignments ranging from Branding to Art Direction, offering invaluable support to entrepreneurs in developing their brand identity. With years of experience and an assertive passion for creative expression, I create logotypes aligned with the company’s DNA, define a coherent brand identity, conceptualize striking visual campaigns, and oversee the creative process from A to Z. My main objective is to ensure that each visual element faithfully reflects the essence of the company, while accompanying entrepreneurs in the development of their brand identity.


Assistant Creative Director | Internship
After contacting Troopy for a freelance assignment, I seized the opportunity to complete a full internship. As assistant art director, I contributed to a variety of assignments, including the creation of an iconographic library, merchandising products, informative stickers, scooter illustration, and the artistic focus of the service’s website.</p>